At SNN particular topics are approximate methods for probabilistic ′Bayesian′ inference, control theory, computational neuroscience and data analysis.


SNN: Seminar

Fri, 20-Jul-2018 11:30-13:00

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Bonaparte DNA matching software in a nutshell

Video of Bonaparte.

Recent Articles

An iterative method for nonlinear stochastic optimal control based on path integrals

Satoh Satoshi, Kappen H.J., 2017

Action selection in growing state spaces: control of network structure growth

Thalmeier D., Gómez V., Kappen H.J., 2017

The potential of a portable, point-of-care electronic nose to diagnose tuberculosis

Rosarito Coronel Teixeira, Mabel Rodríguez, Nilda Jiménez de Romero, Marcel Bruins, Roscio Gómez, Jan Bart Yntema, Gilberto Chaparro Abente, Jan Willem Gerritsen, Wiegerinck W.A.J.J., Domingo Pérez Bejerano, Cecile Magis-Escurra, 2017

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SNN Adaptive Intelligence

We conduct research on the computational principles that underlie natural and artificial intelligence. Intelligent behavior is learned by adapting to the environment; it requires integration of sensory data with prior knowledge; and it must be robust to noise.

The research goal is to provide theoretical insights, models and methods that address these issues combining methods from machine learning and neuroscience. Particular topics are approximate methods for probabilistic ′Bayesian′ inference, control theory, neural networks and data analysis. The research results are applied in diverse fields outside of science together with our spin-off company SMART Research BV.

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