About SNN

SNN is the Dutch Foundation for Neural Networks, founded in 1989, and coordinates a national platform on machine learning, neural networks and affiliated techniques in the Netherlands (www.mlplatform.nl). SNN is based as an academic research group at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, where it is part of the Donders Institute for Neuroscience. SNN Nijmegen performs research on efficient methods for probabilistic Bayesian inference, control theory, neural networks, computational neuroscience and data analysis.

In addition to research, SNN has a long-standing and quite unique tradition to build applications together with her spin-off company SMART Research BV.

SNN is headed by Prof. Dr. Bert Kappen. Depending on how and when you count, our group consists of about ten researchers, ranging from Master students to postdocs, with indispensable support of one secretary and one programmer.

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SMART Research BV

SMART Research BV has been founded in 1997 as a spin-off company of SNN. This was done to commercialize research that is developed by SNN as well as to engage in commercial projects with industrial partners.

Over the years, we have applied neural networks, machine learning and related techniques to a wide variety of domains for commercial clients. SMART Research BV a subsidiary of SNN.

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