BayesBuilder: A tool for constructing and testing Bayesian networks

BayesBuilder is a tool for constructing and testing Bayesian networks. In BayesBuilder, the following features are supported. Defining several views on parts of the network, which is essential for building large networks. Discretized Gaussians and efficiently implemented Noisy-OR nodes, enabling large parent sets. Importing networks from the Hugin Format, the Netica Format, the Microsoft Bayesian Network Format and the Bayesian Interchange Format. Exporting the status of the network to a database of cases, and importing from the cases database to the network. Node search support. Undo/redo support. Automatic network layout. An example of an application that is developed using BayesBuilder is Promedas.

BayesBuilder is available for non-commercial purposes, the BayesBuilder tool can be downloaded free of charge (see below). A commercial license for the API is available via Smart Research BV.

System requirements: Java 1.5.x or better.

BayesBuilder Downloads

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